1.    “X Mart” is a Proprietorship Firm that provides Excellent Online Web Portal Services to our community to use as their Online Advertising, Marketing Buy, Sell and Rent & Job Services in between Merchants, Service Providers and Customers/Associates for Product & Service Marketing to every person to create a big Business Scaling Opportunity in the Market of our Country.

2.     All these services are processed by online & offline free Registration and all one will have their own Web-page to scale up their Sales & Services by our registered domain name www.x-mart.inwww.xmartportal.in that is the main Business Model of Company/Firm.  

3.     To be an Associate/Customer should have completed 18 years of age and shall be competent to enter into the contract as provided in the 'Indian Contract Act' and every person will have their own ID and its Business account for information.

4.     To be an Associate of the Company/Firm, Registration is free but to be Active all one will have to pay our One Year Advertise & Service Packages by e-Wallet/UPI/ATM Debit Card/Credit Card/Net-Banking or Direct Deposits in Company/Bank A/c or Cash on Paytm or at the Office.

5.     All services of any Associate/Customer can be activated after receiving of payment of One Years Services and the Company will not responsible if the payment is in the wrong Name, ID & Address, or to any Person other than Company.  

6.     All Associates can promote this System in their Local and all territories of India to take all benefits and advantages.

7.     All Associate’s Advertise and Referral Commissions, Rewards, and Recognition are distributed Daily, Weekly, Fortnight or Month wise.

8.     Any complaint about non-receive payment should be registered by e-mail within 15 Days with Associate ID & Mobile No.

9.     Income Tax will be deducted at sources (TDS) as per Govt. of India Rules. PAN is mandatory for all for proper deductions.

10.  The Company/Firm reserves the right to modify to all terms and conditions, Website contents, Training, Seminars, Workshop Contents, Campaigning Events, Ideas, and Venues, Schemes, Policies giving prior notice through its Website.

11.  The Associate shall always behave and act in a dignified manner. The Associate shall not compel/Induce /mislead any person with any false statement to register our Services & Plan online or offline of the Company/Firm.

12.  All individual Associates should adhere to rules & regulations formed by the Company/Firm. If any of the promoters found guilty for not observing the same, he/she will be terminated. Once a promoter terminated can't enter any of the Meeting/Seminars locations and all benefits as Referral commission and Web Services will be stopped immediately.

13.  The Associate will comply with all central, state, corporation, and municipal laws, local law, ordinance, rules & regulations. They shall not offer any incentives, gifts other than as specified in the official brochure and company website. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of the Hon’ble High Court at Jabalpur (MP).    

14.  In the event of death, all services/Income/recognition/reward achiever, rights, and responsibilities will be transferred to the NOMINEE/LEGAL HEIRS as per Indian law.

15.  The associate will be responsible to regularly check the website for any Up-gradations/Amendments/News and all Workshops and Seminars, Campaigning Activity Lists and Event Venue, Date, and Time notifications. The company/firm will neither undertake to send any direct letter nor use any other medium other than specified above.

16.  The company/firm will in no case entertain any communication without Associate Id, Mobile No., E-mail ID, and The Company/Firm reserves the right to reject any Associate’s/Customer’s application at its own discretion.

17.  The company/Firm will never send any Training Contents or Materials at the Associate’s home address. It is for online use only.

18.  Minimum Rs.100/- Payout will be given by the company. Payout date can be Daily, Weekly, Fortnight, or Monthly working days.

19.  Associate shall display the Company/Firm’s Logo/Brochures/Flyer as design by the company, for printing personal stationary (with prior permission). Any of the Associate shall not use the Logo and Name of the Company/Firm for any purpose other than Promotion of the Business of the company/Firm. 

20.  Company/Firm is also Offline and Online Business Development Contents facilitator to Learn for General Awareness through the website between all the Associates. All Liabilities/Claims/Responsibilities arising out of the use of any contents lies with the linked content providing Agency and does not devolve directly or indirectly upon Firm and its Owners.                                                                                           

         The terms and conditions mentioned above shall be governed in accordance with the law in force in the territories of INDIA. The Applicants/ Associates/Customers have fully understood and satisfied to read and listen carefully through their Up liners, Sponsor, Promoter the Business Conditions & Plan and agrees thereto.

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